The stars have left their last quadrille. And heard the barncock's warning; The trees march up the somber hills To meet the hungry morning. The humped fog crawls athwart the stream And lingers, hesitating; The world is lost in a gray dream And time stands silent, waiting. Christian Science Monitor March 17, 1952

Into the Looking Glass

I shall look no more in the looking glass, that tells no courteous lies, I am sick of the face in the looking glass, I am sick of its bleary eyes, I am sick of the nose in the looking glass, it is such an enormous size. For the face I see in the looking … Continue reading Into the Looking Glass

Summer 1944, Recollected in Tranquillity

We watched the fiery particle go droning like a midge Through smoky pearl of skies at evening, over Lambeth Bridge; It fell to thoughtful silence, as it lost the driving spark, And plunged to earth at Charing Cross, an angel of the dark. The smoke-cloud marched down Whitehall, a dervish in disguise, The gentle sky … Continue reading Summer 1944, Recollected in Tranquillity