The Vision

I went to see a Vision, that I thoughWould fill the empty spaces in my mind;They said it was not there, and so I soughtKnowing securely that I should not find.But when I stood upon the final edgeWherefrom the world drops flatly into space.I looked incautiously from that high ledgeAnd stood before the Vision, face … Continue reading The Vision


The Owlet and the Gamekeeper

A little fluffy owlet, short and fat, Upon the topknot of a fir-tree sat; He thought of baby rabbits and of mice, He thought of human beings once or twice. It can be said and said without demur, He was a most profound philosopher. A keeper passed, a sturdy realist; He raised his gun and … Continue reading The Owlet and the Gamekeeper

Buses on the Strand – Poems on the Underground

This poem was originally published in The Idle Demon; a collection of verses (1958). In 2013 it featured as part of TFL's Poems on the Underground scheme, appearing in Tube carriages all over London. The Strand is beautiful with buses, Fat and majestical in form, Red like tomatoes in their trusses In August, when the sun is warm. … Continue reading Buses on the Strand – Poems on the Underground