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Beach chair - 9 tips for buying


A North Sea corner in your own garden paradise is full of cosiness! We want to tell you here what you should consider when buying a suitable beach chair.

A beach chair is full of cosiness

Beach chairs are not the same as beach chairs

Beach chairs are now available in a large variety, visually appealing and sometimes even extremely inexpensive. But a beach chair is not just a beach chair, you will see that if you take a closer look at the associated functions and accessories. Here are our tips on what you should consider when buying a beach chair.

Tip 1 - beach chair frame
The beach chair frame should be made of high quality, weather-resistant treated wood. Of course, this also includes fittings made of stainless steel or at least galvanized steel, which as far as possible do not rust despite the most varied weather conditions.

Tip 2 - poly rattan plastic braid
Nowadays, a beach chair is covered on the outside with a modern poly rattan plastic braid. This allows the legendary beach chair tradition to be perfectly reproduced with modern materials. On top of that, poly rattan is extremely easy to care for, UV-resistant and durable.

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Tip 3 - handles
A beach chair should always have two handles on the side so that you can easily change the beach chair in your garden at any time - take the beach chair weight into account when shopping.


Tip 4 - adjustable backrest
A backrest, which can be locked in four to five positions, should ensure perfect sitting comfort and lying comfort - of course also separate from each other for multi-seater beach chairs. Which could even be used to convert a beach chair into a full bed to enjoy a nap or two. But of course this also includes two easily extendable footrests, which should definitely have sufficient padding.

Tip 5 - upholstery
What should be particularly important when buying a beach chair is the thickest possible padding of at least 6 centimeters and more. Covered with a durable, UV-resistant upholstery fabric, which is now available in a versatile, elegant design selection. Often even suitable for garden furniture cushions, with which a beach chair can also be adapted to a complete seating area, e.g. on terraces and balconies.

Tip 6 - swiveling awning
It is also very important to have an awning that can be swiveled into several positions and that protects against strong sunshine inside the beach chair. Before you buy a beach chair, you should definitely test their ease of use.


Tip 7 - adjustable neck pillow / cuddly pillow
Accessories and convenience are in harmony when a beach chair has been equipped with adjustable neck pillows, among other things. Cuddly pillows are also an advantage to either pad the neck pillow again or to put it under the back of the knee. Both pillow variants should have removable covers that can be washed yourself at any time.

Tip 8 - compartments / rotating tables
Several compartments integrated into the interior are very practical for storing all sorts of little things, such as a cell phone, sunglasses or magazines. Tables that can be folded away to the side and possibly even rotated serve the additional storage of books or drinks. So that chilling in a beach chair becomes a real pleasure!


Tip 9 - protective cover
In order to be able to leave the beach chair outdoors in wind and weather, a special protective cover should be put on when not in use. Ideally, it was made from tarpaulin fabric and is therefore not only 100% waterproof, but also winterproof. In this way, the beach chair can be left outdoors all year round.