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Exercise in your own garden - 4 tips that are always fun


You can save yourself expensive visits to the gym. In the garden, you can keep yourself fit with little aids at a significantly lower price, including fun.

You come home late from work and sit down on the couch. Very few can then get up again to go to the gym. But sport has to be if you want to keep your body fit. The summer season is just around the corner.

You leave tons of money in the gym. You can save yourself the expensive monthly amounts, some of which are simply free due to laziness. If you have a garden, large or small, you can still keep fit. Some activities can also be easily carried out with the children. Not only do you keep fit, but you also bring small movement mufflers onto the boat. So family fun is not neglected.

Sports activities in the garden - How to keep fit

➤ Tip 1: jump rope

Jumping rope is particularly popular with young girls. So why not pull out the skipping rope again as an adult. Jump rope is ideal to boost fat burning. Ten minutes of jumping rope are about as effective as half an hour of jogging. About 13 calories are consumed per minute when jumping rope. That is 400 calories in half an hour. Honestly, before I have to motivate myself to jog, I'd rather jump rope in the garden for half an hour.

Skipping ropes are available for less than 10 euros. A cheap sport with a fresh air guarantee and a great fun factor. (Video instruction with rope jump workout)

➤ Tip 2: jump trampoline

Sport and fun do not have to be mutually exclusive. This proves the trampoline jump. Many think of acrobatic jumps with somersaults in the air when jumping on a trampoline - maybe with professionals. The up and down alone is good for your body and lets the fat melt.

Important for many women: it tightens the body. By jumping up and down the muscles have to work constantly. The AOK health insurance company reports that jumping on a trampoline has amazing effects on the body. An hour on the trampoline can burn 750 calories depending on the intensity.

It is important that you start training slowly and increase the workload and intensity over time. Don't underestimate jumping, it's exhausting and you have to get used to it first. (Trampoline exercises in Vital's online magazine)

Trampolines are available in all price categories and different sizes. Families with children should choose a trampoline with a diameter of at least 3 meters depending on the space required. So mom or dad can jump with the child at the same time. But there are also smaller devices with a diameter of less than 50 euros.

" Important: Pay attention to the TÜV or GS mark!

➤ Tip 3: swimming and aqua gymnastics

Swimming is one of the most popular sports. No wonder, fun, training and stress reduction meet directly here. Because of the lightness we experience in the water, swimming is suitable for almost everyone. (All advantages of swimming are clearly shown at the Techniker Krankenkasse.)

If you don't think swimming is exhausting, you're wrong. Because most of the water carries us, we don't feel the strain as much. However, we can keep our body in top shape, especially when scratching. Endurance and strength are required here.

A pool is therefore not only ideal for children to run around and splash around in, but also a fitness center. If you have your own garden with a pool, you do not have to rely on the opening times of swimming pools. So you can swim a few laps in the morning before breakfast to improve your fitness.

Swimming laps is not everything. Aqua fitness and aerobics are also very popular. (Here exercises to imitate)

➤ Tip 4: Play badminton

Playing badminton is not just something for children. Even though it is often smiled at, badminton (or badminton) is a strenuous sport. Here you can not only burn a lot of calories, but also have a lot of fun. All you need is:

  • a play partner
  • 2 rackets and
  • a ball

It is up to you whether you play with or without a network. Of course it gets more exciting with the net. This purchase does not cost a lot of money either. At Captain Racket, simple complete sets (ball, racket, net set) are available for less than 20 euros.

With a certain game pace you can burn up to 400 calories in badminton.

Very positive: badminton is a game for young and old. Completely different age groups can easily play against or with each other. Badminton has only one disadvantage: if it is very windy outside, it is not worth getting the game out of. Good moves rarely occur here.