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Lasagna method - How to plant flower bulbs in layers


With the lasagna method, flower bulbs are planted in different layers, so that new flowers gradually emerge.

© Studio Laure / No, the lasagna method has nothing to do with the kitchen. In fact, it's about flower bulbs and their layering in the garden. If you want to own a magnificent garden full of different flowers in spring, you should plan the arrangement in the flower bed now. Pots can also be staged so beautifully, for example for a small balcony where there is little space. In addition, permanent planting is created because different flowers always shine in full color. But what exactly is the lasagna method when planting bulbs? How is it best done and how are the most beautiful patterns made?

What is the lasagna method?

The lasagna method is a particularly clever way of planting flowers. As with a lasagna, they are stacked in different layers. Alternatively, this type of planting will also work Layered or tiered planting called.

It is divided into different looking flowers that stick their heads out of the earth at different times. Flowers keep coming back and the flower pot or flower bed is not empty when the first flowers have faded. Flowers should be selected that bloom best one after the other, so the bed is always filled to the brim.

The flowers that bloom first are placed at the top. This is how you start with early bloomers such as crocuses, snowdrops, tulips or daffodils and then use flower bulbs that will bloom later. It is important to note the successive flowering times so that not all flowers bloom at the same time.

Depending on the size, the flower bulbs are then arranged. The thicker bulbs come down, the smaller ones up. By taking advantage of the different levels, the splendor of the flowers in spring is particularly dense. If you plan very well, you can fill your flower bed with impressive flowers from January to May.

Incidentally, the bulbs for the lasagna method are planted from September to December, always before the first frost.

Pattern with the lasagna method

The patterns are created almost automatically if you stick to using flowers that poke their heads out of the earth at different times. To do this, you should start with various early bloomers and then plant flowers that will impress you with their color at a later date. The following methods are highly recommended:

Method 1
Method 2 (advanced)
Above: crocusAbove: daffodils
Middle: hyacinthsMiddle 1: hyacinths
Below: tulipsMiddle 2: squill
Below: grape hyacinths

Note: To get beautiful patterns, you should arrange the flowers in circles, triangles or rectangles. So the flowers form different patterns when they come from the earth.

Planting bulbs in layers - Instructions

© PIXATERRA / Every beginning is difficult and it takes a long time to wait until the flowers stick their heads out of the ground. It's a shame if it doesn't work properly. To prevent this from happening, we have prepared instructions.

What you need for the planting on floors

a flower potIt should be large and high enough so that the flowers can be planted in layers. There should also be holes in the floor so that the water can run off. Our recommendation: A round pot with a diameter of at least 28 centimeters. But he can also like to be bigger.
expanded clayClay balls that can be used for hydroponics.
potting soilIt is best to use high quality potting soil.
Flower bulbsAt your choice: You will find inspiration above for recipes for beginners and advanced users.
Plant plug with letteringfor decoration

Lasagna method - that's how it's done

  1. The pot is prepared with expanded clay. For this purpose, the expanded clay is distributed in the bottom of the pot in an approx. 2-5 cm thick layer. The thickness of the layer depends on the size and height of the pot.
  2. Now a thin layer of earth follows.
  3. Then put the first layer of flower bulbs in the pot. The thickest bulbs are planted first. If a pattern is desired, the flower bulbs should be aligned according to the pattern.
  4. Another layer of earth comes over it.
  5. Now the next flower bulbs follow. However, they should not be placed directly on top of the other bulbs, they should be put slightly offset.
  6. Another layer of earth follows and again slightly offset flower bulbs.
  7. Then put a layer of earth over it.
  8. Finally, put the flower pins with the names of the flowers in the pot and your flower bulb lasagna is ready.

Onion lasagna - video instructions

Note: We did our example with a pot. Of course, the planting can also take place in the flower bed according to the same scheme. To do this, all the steps are carried out - just like when planting the pot - with the only difference that a deep hole has to be dug.