Designing a garden in a Scandinavian style - tips & suggestions


Natural, timeless and simple - this is the best way to describe the Scandinavian style. In addition to your own four walls, the garden can also be designed in this way.

© lstudio - Fotolia.com A red house with white windows and a simple elegance in the garden - this is how you can often see it in the Scandinavian countries. In the living room, this natural style with simple furnishings has prevailed for a long time. Now it's the turn of the gardens. But what are the typical features of the Scandinavian gardens? If you don't want to travel to Sweden, Norway or Finland and get an idea of ​​it yourself, you will find the most important characteristics here.

Typically Scandinavian

If you want to decorate your garden Scandinavian, you should pay attention to these features:

  • simplicity
  • naturalness
  • minimalism
  • bright colors

In the Nordic countries you rarely see meticulously mown lawns or accurately cut plants. Everything is left to nature there. But what has to be mentioned in addition to the naturalness is the practical use, especially in relation to the flora.

5 design tips for a Scandinavian garden

Tip 1: ornamental plants

© AnnaReinert - Fotolia.com Of course, it also grows and flowers in the far north. The various plants provide contrasts of color in the simple and simple garden. However, ease of care is important to the Scandinavians. The plants should be able to grow freely. The best suited for ornamental plants are:

  • rhododendron
  • Windflower
  • perennials
  • hydrangeas
  • Clematis
  • dogwood
  • roses

or robust trees like:

  • Oaks or
  • chestnuts

But beware! Make sure that the garden does not end up looking overgrown. So plan the plants carefully. How you do this is up to you. You can create individual rose beds or herbaceous beds, but you can also mix them together. Anything you like is allowed. The main thing is that you have a motley variety of plants, because that's typical Scandinavia.

Tip 2: useful plants

© Floydine - Fotolia.com Naturally, every Scandinavian garden also includes useful plants, herbs, fruit trees and berry bushes. Herbal gardens are the most important to them. This takes up little space, hardly needs any maintenance, but you get different spices for cooking. The following are ideally suited for this:

  • parsley
  • chives
  • thyme
  • Oregano and
  • basil

Tip 3: decorative elements

© Lars Johansson - Fotolia.com Of course, every garden design also includes various decorative elements. However, these should only be used discreetly. Here, too, naturalness plays an important role. Instead of kitschy garden gnomes or other frills, choose rather minimalist accessories made of wood, such as benches, fences, old unused ladders, lanterns, etc. ... In the best case, these accessories also have a practical use.

In addition to wood, concrete is also typically Scandinavian. For plants there are, for example, planters with a concrete look, such as those offered by bautkuebelonline.de. These planters are available in small sizes as well as in XXL. For example, you could create an optimal privacy screen on the terrace with a large bucket. These concrete planters are also guaranteed for 10 years against frost and UV resistance.

You can also make some accessories yourself with concrete, such as Bird baths, garden path slabs, small lanterns or even fountains. You can find a selection of many step-by-step instructions at e.g. at Youtube.com.

Decorative elements made from corthen steel are also currently popular. This is a weatherproof structural steel, which is particularly impressive due to its rust look and long durability.

Tip 4: garden furniture

© by-studio - Fotolia.com
You won't find a terrace or a garden without comfortable and stylish furniture in Scandinavia. To match the colorful houses with white window and door frames, the Scandinavians like to choose white chairs and tables made of wood, preferably spruce or pine. This spreads harmony and fits perfectly into the overall picture. If you already have a comfortable wooden seating set, you can also paint it yourself in white. So you can save the money for new garden furniture.

If you are still looking for typical Scandinavian garden furniture, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • clear lines
  • no decorations
  • simple elegance
  • timeless models

Tip 5: lighting

© n_balitskaya - Fotolia.com In the far north the summers are rather short and the winters long. But you don't have to be put off by that. The Scandinavians simply make themselves comfortable with lots of wonderful light accents and so they sit together outside even on cooler evenings. On the terrace in particular, optimally chosen lighting creates an atmospheric ambience. Whether lanterns, glass bowls, discreetly selected lanterns, lanterns - there are no limits to your imagination. However, they should fit into the overall picture.

It also looks very inviting if you already add accents to your entrance. For me personally, solar lanterns and lanterns have paid off. So I don't have to sneak around the house every night and light countless candles.