Oriental design of terrace - 6 ideas for a terrace like from 1001 nights


If you like opulent and colorful, but still stylish, an oriental-style terrace is just the thing. Bring the dream of 1001 nights home.

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Anyone who has ever traveled to the distant countries of the Orient knows that the Orient knows how to convince with all its facets, colors and smells. Anyone who has been there will always be happy to remember it. But why only reminisce when you can bring the oriental flair home with you? With the skilful mix of colors, patterns and light you can fulfill your dream of 1001 nights on the terrace in no time. There you can let yourself go in the future and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the Orient.

How to design your terrace oriental

❍ Tip 1 - color design:

Before we start with the actual furnishing of the terrace, let's take a look at the color scheme. Because the oriental furnishings can go in two different directions. In the natural-colored, rather earthy direction or in the colorful. Depending on the furnishing variant, you should use the following colors:

natural furnishingscolorful decor
❍ brown
❍ beige
❍ orange
❍ Fireplace red
❍ mustard yellow
❍ yellow
❍ blue
❍ green
❍ Pink
❍ gray

In the Orient, colors even have a deeper meaning. In Morocco, for example, the color blue symbolizes vastness and protection from evil spirits.

❍ Tip 2 - floor design:

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If you are just creating a new terrace, it is of course advisable to use traditionally patterned tiles. These are colorful and lay the foundation for an oriental terrace design. If you like it more subtle or where the existing terrace is only to be redesigned, you can also use an oriental carpet.

3 Tip 3 - Furniture:

Oriental furniture exudes one thing above all: cosiness. So it's best to rely on a large and, above all, comfortable sofa landscape. This can be both subtle and colorful. If you opt for a subtle one, this has the advantage that you can change the style of the terrace at any time. Should you decide on such a sofa landscape, then you definitely set accents with colorful pillows.

What should not be missing on the oriental terrace is a mosaic table. This is the classic par excellence and a real eye catcher. The best thing about it: you can even make such a table yourself! Here is a guide for a mosaic table. This can then serve wonderfully as a side table.

Otherwise, you should rely on solid wooden furniture. Of course, best in a dark shade, because this is how the bright colors of the other furnishings and decorative items come into their own. Of course, you can also design the whole thing differently. For example, you can also choose wooden garden chairs with seats and backrests made of colored fabric. I saw such chairs on www.pircher.eu, for example. You can choose from garden chairs with fabrics in black, white, green, blue, yellow, orange, red or brown. So perfect for an oriental terrace.

4 Tip 4 - Decoration:

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As far as this point is concerned, you can really let off steam. Because restraint is out of place here. What shouldn't be missing on an oriental terrace, for example, are floor cushions or poufs. They are a traditional home accessory and are made of either leather or fabric. The latter are always particularly colorful and therefore fit perfectly on the oriental terrace. If you are skilled in craftsmanship, you can even sew or even knit a pouf yourself. Here are two instructions:

➭ Sew the pouf yourself
➭ Instructions for knitting pouf

Decorative elements such as small vessels made of silver, brass, copper and gold as well as glasses with decorated edges are an absolute must have on a terrace, which should remind you of 1001 nights. Above all, rely on the traditional oriental glass pendant lights. Since these are often very colorful, they create a warm and cozy atmosphere on the terrace. But also lanterns, lanterns and tea lights are a must for the oriental furnishing style.

5 Tip 5 - plants:

Container plants should not be missing on an oriental terrace. The fiery red flowers of the cylinder cleaner, the white flowering star jasmine, irises, the gentian shrub and also palm trees are particularly beautiful here.

6 Tip 6 - canopy / pavilion:

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If you have a covered terrace, you should definitely decorate it with oriental fabrics all around. Textiles that are often used include fabrics such as brocade, silk, cotton and organza. Otherwise, a canopy or pavilion is a great way to wrap the terrace in fabric and to top it off. Whether the pavilion is made of wood or metal - that is entirely up to you. Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of wooden and metal pavilions.