Hedge plants

Multiply conifers - this is how it works with cuttings


Conifers can be bought as young plants with a finished root ball. You also have the option of drawing new specimens from existing conifers.

To multiply conifers is very easy. If a hedge of conifers is already growing in your garden, it is obvious that you will use the needle plants to attract pupils. This is not even complicated, because everything you need is already on hand.

You just have to look at your conifers and cut off individual branches, and the basics are already laid.

Multiply conifers from cuttings - Here's how

Demands on branches & optimal time

If you want to draw little pupils from your existing conifers, you need certain branches of the plant.

Branches that are particularly suitable are:

  • Still relatively young
  • Not wooded
  • Not directly in the field of vision

It is best to use winter to form cuttings. The plants are now in a resting phase and it does no harm if you cut individual shoots. Use sharp secateurs or a knife to cut it off. A suitable point of intersection is the point of the shoot where the fresh wood merges with the old wood.

Start and raise cuttings

You always multiply conifers by means of cuttings, that is, young shoots that you put directly into the soil and maintain sufficiently so that roots form. Good growing conditions are important, but not difficult to achieve in conifers.

You only need a growing tray for the young shoots. For this you can choose old flower pots, a small flower box or other bowls with a depth of at least six centimeters. We also recommend compost as it has sufficient nutrients. Alternatively, you can use normal potting soil with some fertilizer for conifers (such as this one).

All important at a glance:

  • Young, not yet woody shoots
  • Compost or potting soil (with fertilizer)
  • planter
  • Warm location without drafts

Start growing in early winter. This gives the individual shoots enough time to form a root system by spring. If the cutting grows well, you can release it in a bucket in the spring or even put it directly in the garden.

Care of the coniferous cuttings

❶ Conifer shoots thrive particularly well if you put them in a mixture of compost and sand. The sand loosens the soil so that the newly formed roots get air. It is important that the floor never dries out. Conifers are sensitive to drought and especially young pupils stop rooting when there is a lack of water.

❷ Choose a bright location for the growing tray that is relatively warm. The young plants do not tolerate drafts, but direct sunlight is not a problem with regular watering.

❸ In the winter months, mold can form on the potting soil. This is a sure sign that you are watering the conifers too much and that the location is too cool. Now simply remove the mold from the earth and change the location.

❹ If a strong root has formed, you can put the young plant in the garden in early spring. Since the small trees often sink between the large specimens, we recommend planting in a bucket or a single location for the first few years.

You don't have to pay much attention to the multiplication of conifers. Just keep in mind that it takes a few years for a small shoot to become a large tree. There is no use in pulling cuttings if you want to redesign the garden next year. In this case, choose young plants from a nursery with an existing root ball.