Climbing plants

Multiply ivy - this is how it works with the sink and fresh shoots


Do you have ivy in the garden and want to cover as much as possible? Then multiply the plant. This works best with lowering and fresh shoots.

Ivy can be propagated through young shoots Ivy is one of the most frugal plants that brings a green breeze into the garden, onto the balcony or even into the apartment all year round. In addition, the plant is very easy to care for and presents no insurmountable hurdle when it comes to reproduction. There are two simple ways you can multiply the climbing plant. Namely by means of lowerers and shoots.

First of all:
Common ivy has a serious disadvantage: it quickly triggers allergic reactions and causes rash. Therefore, if possible, only propagate ivy if you wear gloves.

This is how ivy can be propagated

Possibility 1 - multiply ivy with shoots:

The tendril can be propagated very easily using shoots. You don't even need a lot of tools to get to the shoots and you don't need to worry about a suitable nursery. It is enough to take a pair of scissors, a water container and the old ivy plant:

❶ Look for fresh shoots on the plant that do not yet have sticky roots. Then cut off individual shoots. A length of ten centimeters per shoot is recommended.

❷ Remove the leaves that are at the end of the shoot. It is important that the shoot keeps at least two leaves.

❸ Now put the shoots in a container filled with water and wait until they form roots.

The water in the vessel quickly becomes cloudy or tips over. Simply put a piece of charcoal from your last barbecue in the water and it stays fresh.

❹ As soon as sufficient roots have formed, you can put the ivy directly in the garden or raise it in a flower pot. A good time to plant out is when the roots are about two inches long.

Option 2 - propagate ivy with subsidence:

If you don't want to look for shoots to propagate ivy, you need a larger plant. If you have one, do the following:

❶ Select a sufficiently long tendril of the ivy and carefully cut in the sinker.

❷ Now place it on the floor and fix it. Alternatively, you can put the tendril in a pot of soil and fix it there. Then cover the shoot with soil and keep it permanently moist.

❸ As soon as the shoot has its own roots, cut it off from the mother plant and plant it in your preferred location.