Planting a crown of fame - instructions and tips for care


Are you looking for a beautiful climbing star for your garden? How about e.g. with the crown of fame? It is easy to plant and easy to maintain.

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The crown of fame (Gloriosa superba), which is scientifically called Gloriosa Rothschildiana, is a spectacular climbing plant that feels good in a tub on the terrace and on the balcony, as well as a houseplant in a pot. The fire-red, exotic flowers in particular make for a very special sight. However, the crown of fame can only thrive so splendidly if it has been planted correctly and is in its preferred location. All passionate hobby gardeners can find out what needs to be considered.

The perfect location for the crown of fame

This plant needs a lot of light. From a partially shaded location, the crown of fame is anything but enthusiastic. However, the exotic plant for the apartment and the balcony cannot cope with blazing sunshine either. Otherwise the flowers and leaves could burn quickly, which is why adequate sun protection is desirable. In addition, the crown of fame should be protected from the wind at all times.

Temperatures between 17 and 22 degrees Celsius are preferred by the plant. It is even better if the temperatures in the vicinity of the crown of fame remain as constant as possible. The location should also have a high level of humidity. The air humidity should be between 50 and 60 percent, so that the crown of fame can flourish as desired. The climbing plant does not like a place right next to the heater.

Furthermore, the crown of fame is very happy about a climbing aid such as a trellis or a wall. A climbing aid with a height of about one to two meters is completely sufficient.

The perfect soil for planting the crown of fame

The crown of fame prefers a neutral soil, the pH of which should accordingly be 7. Since the crown of fame is usually planted in a pot or bucket, this should not be a problem. After all, hobby gardeners can specifically influence the pH of the soil. A mixture is suitable as a substrate, which can be mixed in equal proportions from the following substances in a few simple steps:

  • potting soil
  • sand
  • peat

Check the pH of the finished mixture again before planting the crown of fame. You can use special pH test strips for this. You can find out how to use these correctly in our video: Test the pH value in the soil correctly - video instructions.

How to plant the crown of fame properly

Step 1:

The first step is to prepare the perfect mixture of the growing soil already described for the crown of fame. Because this humus-rich, water-permeable and extremely nutritious soil provides the perfect conditions so that the crown of fame can develop its full flowering power soon after planting.

Step 2:

The plant is commercially available in the form of elongated tubers. You must use these when planting transversely below the surface of the earth. The buds can be found at the two ends of the roots. The fact that the bulb of the crown of fame is inserted transversely means that the ends of the buds do not protrude downwards. If one end of the plant bulb already has a bud, it can make sense if this end is slightly higher than the other. Then cover the tuber of the crown of fame with earth, whereby a rather flat layer of earth of no more than three centimeters is absolutely sufficient. Care should be taken when planting and pressing the soil in order not to damage any buds that may already be present.

Step 3:

After planting the crown of fame, you should water it sufficiently. Then patience is required, because it can take a long time for the first shoots of the crown of fame to appear on the surface of the earth. You should not doubt yourself if the desired results are very slow. The roots must first grow firmly and begin the activity intended for them. However, once the crown of fame has broken through the earth, it grows extremely quickly. Ten or more centimeters are added every day.

So water and fertilize the crown of fame properly

It is generally sufficient if you pour the crown of fame twice a week. The substrate of the crown of fame should always be moist. Once the leaves of the plant wither, you can water them less often. If the leaves of the crown of fame have withered at some point, you no longer need to water them. Now it's time for the tubers of the plant to dry up in the pot. Incidentally, the glory crown is happy during its flowering when it is sprayed with water from time to time. Whether for watering or for spraying - the water used should ideally have the following points:

  • soft and as little lime as possible
  • room hot
  • stale
  • ideal: clean rainwater, which can be filtered if necessary

You should also add some liquid fertilizer containing nitrogen to the irrigation water once a week. The crown of fame urgently needs these nutrients in order to be able to bloom as abundantly as possible.

It is best to always pour the crown of fame from above. You should also make sure that the water can drain off well. An irrigation mat or other irrigation aid can ensure that the plant can provide itself with sufficient water as needed. Here are other tips for maintaining the crown of fame.