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Mullein: Particularly beautiful varieties presented for your garden


Most people know mullein only with yellow inflorescences. But there are also varieties that bloom violet or pink. The most beautiful varieties are presented here.

Mullein not only blooms yellow The majestic Mullein is a real eye-catcher in every garden, because the plants can reach a height of up to 200 centimeters!

The showy flowers bloom continuously from May to August. Some varieties even into September and October. Most torch flowers bloom yellow, but some varieties also pink, pink or purple.

Mullein: the beauties in the natural garden

The mullein, also called wool flower or torch flower, belongs to the brownwort family. A distinction is made between annual and perennial species. What is special about the plant: The flower buds are arranged all around on the sturdy stem. This makes it a real eye-catcher in the garden.

Mullein are also idiosyncratic, because they reproduce themselves through the scattered seeds and appear somewhere in the garden the next year. That is why they are particularly suitable for a natural garden that is not fully planned. A full sun location and a sandy, nutrient-poor soil are ideal. Depending on the variety, the plants have flowers of different sizes. We present the most beautiful varieties, from well-known mullein to new breeds and hybrids.

Yellow-flowered mullein

❍ Small flower mullein:

The small-flowered mullein has gray-green foliage that is densely branched in the lower part. The dense hair on the undersides of the leaves is particularly striking. The flowers are pale yellow and rather small. The inflorescence is about 30 centimeters long. The entire plant reaches a height of up to two meters.

❍ Large-flowered Mullein:

The flowers of the large-flowered mullein are bright golden yellow, the foliage is green and also hairy. The variety reaches different heights from 30 to 200 centimeters.

König Black Mullein:

Despite its sinister name, the black mullein has bright yellow flowers with striking, reddish stamens. The leaves are large and fresh green. With a height of 150 centimeters, the black mullein is a dominant plant in the garden.

A strong eye-catcher in violet

The purple mullein is only 30 to 80 centimeters high. However, some specimens also reach a height of one meter. It blooms from May to June - rather short compared to other mullein, but especially beautiful. The violet flowers have a strong luminosity and form an impressive contrast to the gray-green foliage.

A quiet beauty with delicate white flowers

The floury mullein is also called heather mullein or heather torch mullein. The leaves are smooth and green on the top and very densely hairy on the underside. The hair looks mealy and is responsible for the name. The flowers are inconspicuous at first glance, but up close the delicate petals show their charming side.

Hybrids in strong colors from yellow to pink:

  • The solitary perennial "Cotswold Queen" shows stately inflorescences in strong amber yellow.
  • "Jackie in Pink" blooms all summer with new pink flower candles.
  • "Jackie" is a hybrid variety with flowers in delicate pink. The red stamens in particular look very pretty.
  • "Pink Petticoat" has innumerable, very large and decorative flowers in a bright pink.

In hybrids, it is worthwhile to shorten the panicles after the first flowering. Most hybrid mullein will start blooming in August!