Top 5 poems of 2015… so far

Hi all,

I’ve been a bit slack in posting the many poems I have to post. So, along with the new poem posted earlier today, I thought a Top 5 might be in order.

Starting from the most viewed poem of 2015, here are your Top 5. Enjoy!

  1. Fat Man In The Park
  2. I Sometimes Think
  3. Buses On The Strand
  4. The Man With The Oiling-can
  5. A Sonnet on Soap

One thought on “Top 5 poems of 2015… so far”

  1. It’s hard to pick among R.P. Lister’s brilliant, buoyant poems, but I’m glad to see “Fat Man in the Park” at the top of this list. Enjoyed ’em all.


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