LET no man say that I am nearly done for.
My head is bowed but not unduly bloody,
And though my trousers are a trifle muddy,
Mud, after all, is what the tweed was spun for.
I have an ounce of gold; what is a ton for?
The gem-encrusted Gaekwar on his gadi,
The swart director in his paneled study,
The general, wondering whom the war was won for,

The darlings of Society, bright with toppers,
The landed gent, who sees his acres shrinking,
Are no more blithe than I, who scrape for coppers,
And spend the few I get on eating, drinking,
Paraffin, income tax and electricity.
There’s no such thing as limitless felicity.

PUNCH, September 28 1955

Let No Man Say


One thought on “Let No Man Say

  1. Its interesting, as a Brit, to see how quickly words like ‘Gaekwar’ and ‘gadi’ have slipped out of usage now –though I have no way of knowing how much in use they would have been in 1955. India’s independence was 1948 I believe……..

    On a more prosaic level ‘paraffin’ for heating too….though still in use some places off the grid……
    ‘I have an ounce of gold; what is a ton for?’ = great line, really apt……


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