Happy Birthday, Richard

Happy 100th Richard. I’m sure you’re having dinner with a bunch of chums today, enjoying wine, food and conversation, as you did for so long here. 92 years ago I got back from school to Nana’s house and there you were in the back garden, just up from London to see your mother. I can still feel my 8 year old excitement at seeing you. I recall asking you to tell me where you’d been-maybe it was America or China, or Finland, where you sneaked into the USSR unnoticed. Wherever it was, that was the day in my life that decided me to follow a path less travelled. Thank you, Richard for your friendship, inspiring conversations, postcards from the world, funny political stories, walks in the Chilterns and beers in the pub, sketching trips to Cheltenham with Dad and the many many other moments that I looked forward to and treasured. Happy Birthday RPL x

– Jill.