Roslin Glen


Ballade of a Non-Starter

Read at the Funeral of Lister earlier this year. This is not what I meant my life to be, But, come to think of it, what did I mean? I never had much heart to go to sea, I did not wish to be a Rural Dean. I might have been a layer, a marine, … Continue reading Ballade of a Non-Starter

Buses on the Strand – Poems on the Underground

This poem was originally published in The Idle Demon; a collection of verses (1958). In 2013 it featured as part of TFL's Poems on the Underground scheme, appearing in Tube carriages all over London. The Strand is beautiful with buses, Fat and majestical in form, Red like tomatoes in their trusses In August, when the sun is warm. … Continue reading Buses on the Strand – Poems on the Underground


The stars have left their last quadrille. And heard the barncock's warning; The trees march up the somber hills To meet the hungry morning. The humped fog crawls athwart the stream And lingers, hesitating; The world is lost in a gray dream And time stands silent, waiting. Christian Science Monitor March 17, 1952