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Planting garden hibiscus - tips on location, soil and time of planting


The hibiscus imaginatively stimulates amateur gardeners to design gardens. Here is a guide on how to plant a hibiscus in the garden.

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The large, exotic-looking flowers have made the garden hibiscus (hibiscus), also called garden marshmallow, almost indispensable for garden design. No wonder: the breathtaking variety of hibiscus gives the hobby gardener many imaginative gardening design ideas.

When most of the native shrubs have faded to summer, in July and August the hibiscus in the garden closes the flower gap with its lush flor. The hibiscus can also be planted as a hedge, but it should be borne in mind that it is only dense in summer and offers appropriate privacy.

The location - sunny and sheltered

The garden hibiscus feels most comfortable in a sunny, sheltered location. Here you should give the marshmallow enough space, as it spreads widely and can reach a height of about 2 to 3 meters.

  • The soil should contain nutrients
    The hibiscus thrives particularly well in a well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. When preparing for planting, the soil should therefore be enriched with well-rotted compost.
  • Fertilize in spring
    Fertilize the soil every year in spring with an organic fertilizer.

The best planting time

If you have chosen a garden hibiscus, it is best to choose spring to plant. Because in the first year the hibiscus is still somewhat sensitive to frost. So it can grow well until winter.

Garden Hibiscus - 2 popular varieties

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Hibiscus Ardens (Hibiscus syriacus 'Ardens')
Growth rate:15 - 30 cm a year
Height:130 - 200 cm
Spread:80-140 cm
Root system:Heart-rooting
Location:Sun to partial shade
Ground:nutritious, sandy, clayey, slightly acidic to alkaline
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Hibiscus tricolor (Hibiscus syringa 'Tricolor')
Growth rate:5 - 25 cm a year
Height:150-250 cm
Spread:100-150 cm
Root system:Heart-rooting
Location:Sun to partial shade
Ground:easy, humorous, nutritious
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How to plant your hibiscus in the bed

The planting of the exotic shrub is done as well as the planting of native shrubs. Here's how to plant the hibiscus in the garden:

❶ First, dig out the planting hole. That should be about 50 centimeters deep and wider than the root ball.

❷ Then loosen the soil in the planting hole and mix it with some well-rotted compost.

❸ Bare root plants in a bucket before use. So you crank up the water balance of the plant again.

❹ In the case of container plants, only the earth ball is loosened up. The plant in the pot has been adequately hydrated.

❺ Now you can use the plant and cover the roots with the excavation soil. The plant is always well watered.

❻ Ultimately, step on the earth and water your garden hibiscus. For safety, put a watering rim around the plant.

As winter protection in the first few years we recommend: Cover the soil around your plant well with mulch.