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Plant and care for rose arches - how it's done


A rose arch has always been a special eye-catcher in the garden. We will therefore explain to you how to plant and care for a rose arch.

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Not only romantics are captivated by the sight of a rose arch. It is simply an atmospheric eye-catcher, which brings out the blossoms of fine roses in a particularly advantageous way. In addition, rose arches also have practical functions. You can create the atmospheric entrance to the garden or delimit certain areas. For example, create a romantic seating area in the shade of a rose arch or mark the transition from the utility garden to the ornamental garden with a playful rose arch. We show you which plants are suitable for a rose arch and how to care for it.

Select the right location

If you are planning to purchase a rose arch, you should first think about the purpose of the rose arch in your garden. Do you plan the arch as an entrance to the garden or do you want to use it as a room divider to visually delimit certain garden areas? It is not only a question of the location alone, but you also have to take into account the plants that are later to spread lavishly there. So it makes little sense to place an arch of roses in a dark and shady corner of the garden, because the roses require a sunny location.

Which roses are suitable for planting?

For the planting of the rose arch, you should choose climbing roses. These are commercially available in a wide variety of colors. It is also possible to combine several colors with each other, which is particularly attractive. Shrub roses with longer shoots are also suitable for planting.

An overview of some pretty varieties:

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