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Planting trellises out of wood - How to create a blooming privacy screen


If the neighbors can look at the plate while eating in the garden, it is anything but pleasant. So a privacy screen is needed. How about e.g. with a planted trellis?

Trellis made of wood need some care The garden should not only be a visual highlight. A garden should also serve to enjoy rest and recharge your batteries. Of course, that doesn't work very well if you always have the feeling that you're being watched. This can be annoying, especially on the terrace. After all, you want to be able to sit here in peace and enjoy your coffee. And sometimes in sweatpants and maybe without being stylish.

To protect yourself from the prying eyes of the neighbors, it usually only helps if you integrate a privacy screen on the terrace. If you like it very natural, it is best advised to use a wooden privacy screen. But a simple wooden wall can look very boring. I can no longer see the usual range of hardware stores. I like such a high-quality wooden trellis as I e.g. saw on Made of very weather-resistant Bangkirai wood, held together with precious metal screws. If you plant such a trellis, you will soon have a natural privacy screen on the terrace, which provides excellent protection from prying eyes.

Trellis made of wood need some care

You can certainly also choose a trellis made of metal or plastic. But wood fits best in nature. In addition, you have to give every material a little care. Wood is a bit more maintenance, but it's usually a quick task. Especially if you choose a weather-resistant type of wood from the start. A very high weather resistance e.g. Trellis made of larch, Douglas fir or just the Bangkirai mentioned above. Other weatherproof types of wood are e.g. Robinia, teak, azobé, balau and bamboo (source:

Nevertheless, you have to give the wood some care every year and renovate the trellis. And best in late autumn, when you have to prune the plants on the trellis anyway. Keep in mind:

  • Impregnation glazes annually
  • Thin-layer glazes every 3 years
  • Thick film glazes every 5 years
  • opaque coatings every 7 years

Instruct. If you stick to it, you will enjoy the blooming privacy screen for a long time.

These climbing plants are suitable for the trellis

You can plant the trellis according to your mood. There are no limits to your imagination. We recommend e.g. these climbing plants:

trumpet flower➞ flowers yellow, orange or red depending on the variety
➞ blooms from June to September
➞ can reach a height of up to three meters
➞ perennial climber
Wild Wine➞ quick self-climbing without help
➞ foliage from May to October
➞ white panicles from July to August
➞ Leaves turn red in autumn
➞ perennial climber
Black-eyed Susanne➞ blooms from June to October
➞ yellow flowers
➞ quite undemanding
➞ grows up to two meters high
➞ annual climber
pipevine➞ particularly opaque climbing plant
➞ Heart-shaped leaves up to 20 centimeters in size
➞ leaves from May to November
➞ inconspicuous flowers from June to July
➞ perennial climber
honeysuckle➞ fast growing, mostly bushy
➞ has dark green, shiny leaves
➞ The flowering period is from June to September
➞ very fragrant
➞ perennial climber
ivy➞ evergreen climbing plant
➞ fast growing
➞ especially frost-resistant
➞ perennial climber
Clematis➞ There are many different types
➞ lush bloom
➞ Main flowering period in May a. June
Arten most species are perennial
nasturtium➞ Flowers are edible
➞ red, orange u. yellow flowering species
➞ blooms from June to October
➞ annual climber

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