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Privacy screen for patios - 5 stylish options presented


A privacy screen for the terrace does not have to look boring. On the contrary. There are really fancy yet stylish options. My top 5 presented here once.

If the temperatures outside are slowly getting warmer and the sun is shining out from behind the clouds, then many are moving from the couch to the terrace. It's better to relax in the fresh air between the rustling of the leaves and the twittering of birds, right?

But honestly, how should you relax extensively when the neighbor is constantly looking over and may still catch the latest gossip stories? No question - a privacy screen is needed so that you can find your peace and sit undisturbed.

But what options do you have with a terrace? While the large garden offers a lot of possibilities (see 22 ideas in the picture gallery), it is not always easy with a terrace.

My top 5 of the best privacy screens for patios

1. Firewood screen

Let's start with a variant that not only looks good, but is also practical in the winter months - a screen made of firewood. It is really advantageous if you only have to go to the terrace for a short time in winter when there is snow and mud to fetch the wood for the fireplace. If the stored wood is empty in spring, you can simply stack new ones and then have a nice privacy screen over the warm season.

For this privacy screen, you first need a solid frame in which you can later stack and store the firewood. Simple boards, thick bars or even euro pallets are suitable for this. Of course, you have a free choice of size and design. If you want, you can also integrate small windows, peepholes or shelves. This loosens things up a bit and has a very special charm.

Need instructions? You can find detailed step-by-step instructions at

2. Privacy screens from old shutters

A privacy screen made of old shutters with slats has a cozy character. As in this example, you can fix these between old beams and protect yourself from the prying eyes of your neighbors.

Of course, old shutters cannot be found everywhere. Keep your eyes and ears open. Sometimes old houses are torn down where one or the other could still be used. You can also take a look at and from time to time. Often people sell such treasures for a small thaler.

»Small disadvantage: Of course, wooden privacy screens have to be painted and treated regularly so that they look beautiful even after years.

3. Large planters as a privacy screen

Do you prefer simple and natural? Then plants in large decorative planters are definitely the right thing for you. I discovered such oversized planters, which you can also use as a room divider, at (see picture above). The advantage here is that these planters are delivered with wheels, so that you can easily move the bulky elements to another place.

You have a free choice when it comes to planting. Not only flowers are magically staged here, but also grasses and other plants.

"By the way: Don't worry - you don't have to fill the entire bucket with soil. Thanks to simple operations, you not only save soil, but can also plant something new faster.

4. Bamboo mats as privacy screens

A privacy screen made from a bamboo mat is quick to implement and still chic. I found a large selection in different colors, sizes and lengths at These mats are not woven with wire, as is usual with classic models, but are pierced with a wire. Visually, it just looks better and tidier.

Is the bare sight of the bamboo mats too dreary and boring for you? Flower boxes and other small decorative elements spice up the privacy screen and create something for the eye.

5. Rustic wall

A little more complex, but a huge eye-catcher is a ruin wall that is only partially built. To maintain the rustic charm, of course you need old bricks. Nowadays they are not so easy to get. If there is someone who wants to get rid of them, they often charge a hefty price. But if you really want something, you can also dig a little deeper into your pocket. You also get no other stones.

Such walls can also be wonderfully decorated. Here are some ideas: